How to Beat Grow Nano Vol 3

By Timothy Baron

Updated September 22, 2017

Eyemaze released "Grow Nano v3" in 2008. It's part of the "Grow" and "Level Up" series. These games present players with four or more buttons. Players must discover the right order to push these buttons. Each of these games has its own theme. "Grow Nano v3" was programmed while the designer was sick, and the game itself focuses on sickness and recovery. It presents players with six health related buttons: a wife, blankets, a leaf, food, ice and fire.

Push the "Green leaf" button. This causes healing herbs to appear, which evolve into medicinal drugs over the course of six turns.

Press the "Blanket" button, prompting the avatar to wrap himself in a cloth. Over the next five turns, the blanket evolves into a hospital bed.

Hit the "Fire" button. This starts a fire in the background, which initially provides warmth and later evolves into a stove.

Click on the "Pink person". She gives the avatar healing love, and over the following two turns, she creates a boy and an infant. They also give healing love.

Push the "Ice cube" button. This prompts the avatar to put a bag of ice on his head.

Press the "Food" button. The pink woman will cut it and cook it on the stove, providing the avatar with a healthy meal.