How to Block 800-Service Phone Calls

By Amy Sutton

Updated September 28, 2017

It can be irritating to get interrupted from what you are doing to answer the phone and find out the call is coming from an 800 number. Telemarketers normally use a computerized dialing system, so many times you answer the phone only to find that no one is even on the other line. Instead of getting frustrated, you can do something about these annoying calls. Block 800-service calls from even being able to come through to your phone.

Register your mobile or home phone on the National Do Not Call Registry to block 800 service calls.

Enter your information online at the Do Not Call website. Enter up to three phone numbers, along with your email address. Click "Submit," verify that all of your information is correct and click "Register."

Go to your email and open up the email from Do Not Call. Click on the link inside the email message to finish registering the phone numbers you entered.

Give telemarketers 31 days to stop calling you from 800-service numbers, since this is the amount of time the National Do Not Call Registry asks you to give them to keep your phone number from receiving unwanted calls.

File a complaint at the Do Not Call website if you do receive a call from telemarketers after 31 days.