"World of Warcraft" Commands to Release Spirits

By Cristel Wood

Updated September 22, 2017

Millions of people around the world enjoy playing "World of Warcraft," and there is one thing that every player, in every part of the world, playing every race and every class, has in common: Every character will, at some point, be defeated in battle. After being defeated, there is only one way to continue playing your character, and that is to release your spirit, either by becoming a ghost or by being resurrected by a fellow party or raid member.

Release Spirit Button

Left-click on the red button labeled "Release Spirit." The window with the "Release Spirit" button will appear as soon as you die, barring certain class abilities. After your spirit is released, you will appear as a ghost in a graveyard. Run back to your corpse to be resurrected, or resurrect at the graveyard by talking to the spirit healer. Keep in mind being resurrected by the spirit healer will cause armor damage and "Resurrection Sickness," which reduces attributes for a short time. Running back to your corpse and resurrecting has no penalties.

Repop Slash Command

Occasionally, the "Release Spirit" button does not work due to a programming glitch, or you might simply prefer to use a slash command instead of clicking the button. A slash command is a command that begins with a "/" and is followed by a command. To release your spirit, enter "/run RepopMe()" into the dialogue box and press "Enter." Your spirit will be released and appear as a ghost in a graveyard, just as if you had clicked on the "Release Spirit" button. Slash commands can be inserted into macros or scripts by advanced users.

Accept Resurect Button

Left-click on the red button labeled "Accept Resurrect." The window with the "Accept Resurrect" button will appear after another party or raid member casts resurrect on your corpse. The resurrect spell can be cast by fellow party or raid members even if you have already clicked on the "Release Spirit" button or used a slash command to release your spirit. After you click on the "Accept Resurrect" button, you will be appear, alive, at the location of corpse. Different spells grant resurrected characters varying amounts of heal upon resurrection.

Accept Resurrect Slash Command

As with the "Release Spirit" button and the "RepopMe()" slash command, there is also a slash command for accepting a resurrection. Type "/run AcceptResurrect();" into the dialogue box and press "Enter." You will be resurrected at the location of your corpse, just as if you had clicked on the "Accept Resurrect" button. A party or raid member must cast a resurrection spell on you in order for this command to work.


Wait until the end of a fight, especially a boss fight, to release your spirit. Releasing early and missing the end of the fight will result in you not being allowed to roll on gear, complete any quests, or receive any achievements gained from finishing the fight. If there is someone capable of resurrecting you in the group, releasing your spirit before they have a chance to resurrect you is unnecessary, and will require you to run, perhaps through hostile territory, in order to meet back up with your group.