Cbeebies Games to Play

By Davy Shanks

Updated September 22, 2017

The CBBC website provides a safe place for children to play online.
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The CBBC website is the children's section of the BBC main Web page. It offers games, quizzes, puzzles and TV clips for kids of all ages. As part of the publicly funded BBC, it is a very well-resourced site with highly engaging games relating to a variety of popular CBBC programs. The site has a login feature that allows children to register and play games with their friends in a safe Internet environment.

Deadly Dash

"Deadly Dash" features Steve Backshall, presenter of "The Deadly 60," a program that seeks out the 60 deadliest animals in the world. In this game, you must control Steve as he tries to escape from the deadly animals chasing him and get back to the safety of the Deadly 60 truck. The game follows a platform format where the player must jump over obstacles while staying ahead of the pursuing animal. Bonus points can be scored by taking photos of animals Steve passes by as he runs.

Jump to It

"Jump to It" is a platform format game in which the player must guide the hero past obstacles like water pits, crocodiles and rope swings. The hero must make his way past all of the obstacles to reach CODY, collect the Silver Cogs and progress to the next level. The player must complete the level quickly as the hero is chased by the evil Croc on every level.


"Archery" takes the form of an Olympic archery event to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics. The game consists of five rounds, each round giving the player five chances to hit the target. The closer to the middle of the target, the higher your score will be. To fire the bow, the player must hold down the mouse button. The longer the button is held, the more difficult it is to aim the bow, so be quick!

Royal Thumble

"Royal Thumble" is a beat-'em-up arcade-style thumb wrestling game. The characters are cartoon thumbs dressed up in fun traditional Mexican wrestling masks. The player is given the option to "smash, swipe, or strike," and success is determined along the lines of "rock, paper, scissors." Smash beats strike, strike beats swipe and swipe beats smash. The player can also choose to defend her thumb to minimize damage if the opponent uses a special move. If both the player and the opponent choose the same move, the player must press the space bar repeatedly as fast as she can to win the move.