How to Put Homebrew on Your DSi

By Alexis Writing

Updated September 22, 2017

Homebrew games are games that developers produce and offer for free to game system owners. These games can be found on the Internet at various developer's websites. You can find them by simply performing an Internet search for homebrew games. Once you have found the games you want, getting them from your computer to your DSi handheld game system will require you to follow some specific steps.

Purchase or obtain a flashcard for your DSi. These flashcards are available at nearly any store where electronics or games for your DSi are sold. The flashcards available for your DSi system will be equal in size to a standard game cartridge for your gaming system. Make sure that your flashcard comes with an SD card reader so that it will fit into the SD slot for your computer and then be transferable to your DSi system.

Locate the homebrew games that you want to download. This can be done using a search engine and searching for homebrew games for DSi. Make sure you only choose games from sites that appear reliable. Some of these games have been known to erase the contents of your flashcard, so be sure to check reviews of the site and the game if possible before downloading a particular game. These games can be considerable in size so you should be aware that it may take some time to actually download a game from the Internet, depending on your connection speed.

Insert the flashcard into the SD card reader and insert this into your computer’s SD slot. Download the game to your flashcard and once the download has finished remove the SD card reader from the slot and remove the flashcard from the card reader. Put the flashcard into the available slot on your DSi system and power on the system.

Select the option to play games from the flashcard on your DSi menu screen. Choose the flashcard option and a menu will pop up to indicate the titles of the games that you have downloaded onto the flashcard. Scroll down the list of games you have downloaded and press the correct button on the DSi to choose the game that you want to load up and play.