How to Get a Tri Pass in Pokemon Emerald

by Jessica RingUpdated September 22, 2017
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The Tri Pass is a key item in the third generation of Pokemon games. In "FireRed," "LeafGreen" and "Emerald," the Tri Pass allows you to travel to the first three Sevii Islands. You use the Tri Pass to travel to the islands via SeaGallop Ferry. The pass is an integral item in the storyline and is obtained after you beat the Vermillion City gym leader. The successor to the Tri Pass is the Rainbow Pass, which allows access to the rest of the Sevii Islands.

Turn on your Game Boy Advance and start your game.

Go to Vermillion City. Beat the gym leader in battle. After you beat the gym leader, Bill will appear at the entrance of the gym. Go with him to the first island via ferry.

Go with Bill to the Pokemon Center on Knot Island.

Talk to Celio. Celio will tell you that his machine is broken, and will ask you to gather the parts to fix it. He will give you the Tri Pass so that you can explore the islands for the missing parts.

Accept the meteorite and Tri Pass from Celio.


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