How to Use GameShark With Project64

By Cassie Skelley

Updated September 22, 2017

Project64 is an emulator designed for use with PC or Macintosh systems. The Project64 emulator emulates Nintendo 64 games with excellent compatibility for about 75 to 80 percent of the Nintendo 64 game library. There may also be glitches or layering issues in some of the Nintendo 64 games, but most games run very well with only minor glitches. The Project64 emulator also has a cheats system built into the emulator, with cheats for all Nintendo 64 games built in; all you need to do is enable them. Project64 also allows you to add and enable your own GameShark codes to the games you are playing.

Open Project 64 by double-clicking on the Project 64 application file or a shortcut pointing to it. Click on the "Options" tab in the top left-hand corner of the program window; a submenu will pop up. Click on "Settings", then on the "Options" tab. Click on the "Hide advanced settings" box to deselect it. Click "OK" when finished. The games that are supported by the GameShark plugin will be listed in the Project 64 emulator.

Click on the specific game that you would like to add cheats for. However you must have the game in your "ROMS" folder in the Project 64 directory.

Click on "System" and "Cheats" once the game has loaded. Click on the "Add New Cheat" link. You may also press "CTRL + C" to reach the cheats menu.

Enter in the name of the code into the "Name" box and enter the code into the "Code" box. Click on the "Add Cheat" button once you are finished adding the cheat code.

Enable the GameShark code by selecting it in the "Cheats" menu.


Visit to download GameShark codes for use with Project 64. Once there, click on the down arrow under "Browse by System" and click on the "Nintendo 64" link.