How to Cut Down Bushes in "Pokemon Red"

By Joshua Phillips

Updated September 22, 2017

"Pokemon Red" introduced many features that are still seen in the series to this day, such as Pokemon Centers, technical machines (TMs) and hidden machines (HMs). HMs are used to teach Pokemon moves that can be used outside of battle, usually to progress to a new area. HM01, Cut, is used to cut down small bushes that block your path, and is an essential item necessary to finish the game. In addition, this move also has offensive properties that you can use in a Pokemon battle.

Travel to Vermillion City.

Enter the S.S. Anne on the east side of the ship. If you do not have the required entrance ticket, get it from Bill at his cottage on Route 24.

Navigate through the ship, battling the trainers within, until you reach the Captain's Cabin.

Battle Gary in front of the stairs leading to the Captain's Cabin. Walk down the stairway once Gary is defeated.

Speak to the Captain. After the conversation has ended, he will give you HM 01 Cut.

Press "Start" on your Game Boy to open the menu and select "Item."

Select "HM01" from the list.

Select a Pokemon in your lineup to whom to teach Cut. Any Pokemon that can learn Cut will say "Able" next to its name. Once you select a Pokemon, the move is automatically learned.

Press "A" next to any small bush in the game. A dialog box appears asking if you would like to use Cut.

Select "Yes." The bush is now cut down and you can progress onward.


The Pokemon who has learned Cut must be in your party at all times in order to use the move.

The above steps also apply to "Pokemon Blue."


In "Pokemon Red," you cannot replace the move Cut with any other move after teaching it to a Pokemon.