Lion Themed Games for Children

By Krystal Miller

Updated September 22, 2017

Hide plastic toy lions for a lion hunt game.
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Many children find lions intriguing. They might prefer the king of the jungle lions or the cowardly lions, either way you can create lion-themed games to keep these fuzzy animal lovers entertained. Games can create bonds between children and keep them physically active. Plan a few lion-themed games for a birthday party, to use in a classroom or with a group of children just looking for some fun.

Catch the Lion’s Tail

For a twist on the typical duck, duck, goose game, try a game of catch the lion’s tail. Make a homemade lion’s tail using yellow felt and tie a knot on the bottom of the tail. Give the tail to one player and have him tuck it into the back of his pants at his waistband. Have all the other players sit in a circle. The lion must walk around tapping the other players’ heads saying, “lion,” each time. If he says, “Hyena,” that player must chase the lion around the circle trying to get his tail before he can sit in the hyena’s spot. If they hyena grabs his tail, that player is the lion again. If the lion makes it to the hyena’s spot, then he gives that player the lion tail and his is the new lion.

Tease the Lion

Lay a rope on the ground to make a 10 feet by 10 feet box. Select a player to be the lion and have him stand in the box. All the others players will try to run through the lion’s “cage,” while teasing him. Any player caught by the lion is the new lion. For a twist when the lion catches a player, he becomes a lion and has to tag people, too. The last player caught by the lion is the lion for the next game.

Feeding Time

Select two players to be the lions. Have all other children, which are antelopes, scatter around the play area. When you say, “Feeding time,” the antelopes have to run from the lions. If a lion tags an antelope, she must stop and stand with her legs apart. Another free antelope can unfreeze her by crawling through her legs. The last two players caught by the lions are the lions for the next game.

Lion Hunt

Hide several toy plastic or plush lions around the party area. Give each player a small paper sack. Tell the players they are going on a lion hunt to see how many lions they can find. They can collect the lions in their paper sacks. The player who finds the most lions wins the game and a large plush lion.