How to Get to Bloodmyst Isle in "World of Warcraft"

By Chris Miksen

Updated September 22, 2017

Bloodmyst Isle is a starting zone for the Alliance in World of Warcraft; it is usually reserved for the Draenei race, although any Alliance race can obtain quests there. One of the Alliance capital cities, Darnassus, provides a portal for direct access to the Exodar, a city just south of Bloodmyst Isle. If you’re a member of the horde, you’ll have a more difficult time gaining access to the zone. Unless you have a flying mount, you’ll have to penetrate the Alliance capital of Stormwind to begin your journey.


Go to Darnassus and enter the Temple of the Moon. If you are already on Kalimdor, you can take a flight path up to Darnassus. If you are not yet on Kalimdor, you can take a boat from Stormwind to Rut’theran village and jump through the pink portal to enter the city.

Right-click the portal to Exodar, guarded by the portal trainer. Exit the Exodar. You will find yourself on a road.

Travel left on the road. Continue all the way north until you come to another road. Turn north on that road and you will enter the Bloodmyst Isle.


Travel to Rut’theran Village. The only way to get to Rut’theran Village for the Horde is to take a boat from Stormwind or to fly there with a flying mount. Taking a boat from Stormwind will enable PvP, so opposing players can attack you.

Exit the boat once you reach Rut’theran Village. Take the boat on the right-most dock. The boat will arrive in Azuremyst Isle. Take the road out of the dock until you reach a fork. Turn left and follow the road until you reach another fork.

Turn left and continue on until you come to a path that turns left and right, near the Exodar. Take the right path until you arrive above Stillpine Hold. You will see another fork; take the path that goes north.