How to Find Out Who Has Been Continuously Calling Me From a Restricted Number

By Thomas McNish

Updated September 28, 2017

Reveal a restricted caller's identity and stop the harassment.
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Anyone with a phone can dial "*67" before calling a number, and instead of their identity being revealed, the number will appear as "Private," "Unknown" or "Restricted" on the recipient's Caller ID. This can be a nuisance from time to time, but after receiving repeated phone calls from the same person, it begins to shift from annoyance to harassment. There are a few different ways to reveal the name behind the restricted number, and the method that you choose should be in accordance with the severity of the calls.

Keep track of all dates and times that you receive harassing phone calls. This log will come in handy when speaking with your phone company or the police department.

Sign up for a service called TrapCall (see Resources). Purchase the plan that suits your needs. After signing up for the service, you simply hit the "Ignore" button on your phone after receiving a call from a private number. The number will be rerouted to the TrapCall database and the person's phone number and name will be delivered to you by text message within a few minutes.

Speak with your local phone company about a service called Call Trace. After you've gotten a call from the restricted number, dial "*57." The call will then be rerouted to your phone company's database and the call is traced. Call Trace does cost a fee, which varies from company to company.

Speak with your phone company about putting a trap on your line. Tell them that you've been receiving repeated harassing calls. While putting a trap on your line is usually free, it's also usually temporary. After a week or two of having a trap on your line, the phone company should be able to tell you who is the harasser.

Contact law enforcement if you feel that you, your loved ones or your property is in potential danger. While speaking with the police should be a last resort, it should be done immediately if you feel threatened. The police can put a trap on your line and trace the call. Don't contact the phone company or sign up for any services if you feel that you're in immediate danger. Contact the police right away.


Use discretion when choosing your method for revealing a restricted number. If you feel that it's simply an annoying ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, TrapCall or Call Trace may be more appropriate than contacting law enforcement.