Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats for Cars

By Joshua Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

Grand Theft Auto IV is a “sand box,” open-adventure, action game that mixes elements of third-person shooters, racing games and action-adventure games. There are actually three sets of codes of the Grand Theft Auto IV because there is a set of codes of the main game and two different sets of codes that go along with the two expansions. All codes are inputted by typing them onto the cell phone your character has then dialing the number.

GTA 4 Regular Game

There are nine car and vehicle codes for the main game involving the character Niko. You can unlock the police helicopter Annihiliator with the code 359-555-0100. To get a Cognoscenti just input 227-555-0142. For a Comet type 227-555-0175 and dial. For a Jetmax input 938-555-0100. To spawn a Sanchez just use 625-555-0150. To get the super fast SuperGT car use 227-555-0168. Another fast car, the Turismo will be received by using 227-555-0147. To make police missions easier, just spawn an FIB Buffalo with code 227-555-0100.

Lost and the Damned

The Lost and the Damned has you follow the story of Johnny Klebitz while he leads his biker gang around Liberty City. In addition to the codes for the regular game, Johnny is able to use additional codes for other cars and vehicles. There are more motorcycle than car codes, however. You can quickly access the Burrito by typing 826-555-0150 and dialing it. Unlock the super sweet Double T motorcycle by using 245-555-0125. Spawn a Hakuchou with 245-555-0199S. Get Johnny’s favorite bike, the Hexer, by using 245-555-0150. To get an Innovation vehicle dial 245-555-0100. Finally, the Slamvan can be yours with 826-555-0100.

Ballad of Gay Tony

The Ballad of Gay Tony has you play as Luis, a co-owner of some night clubs in Liberty City. In addition to the codes for the regular game, there are several other vehicle- and car-based codes you can use in the Ballad of Gay Tony. To get the motorcycle Vader use code 625-555-3273. To get the boat Floater use number 938-555-0150. To get the mobile tank APC use code 272-555-8265. The only special car code for this add-on is for the Bullet GT, which can be yours with code 227-555-9666. Although a parachute is not an automotive, you can instantly get one with the code 359-555-7272. This will allow you to parachute from the top of any building.


Inputting some codes such as the Annihallator will cause certain achievements to be unobtainable in the current game file you are using. Also, inputting the codes can cause unforeseen glitches in gameplay; therefore, always have a back-up “non-cheat code” file so that you can enjoy the other aspects of the game without using codes. You can also beat all aspects and unlock all achievements of the game then use the codes without having to worry about not unlocking achievements.