How to Call a Number Without it Showing on Your Phone Record

By Gary Hancock

Updated September 28, 2017

Conceal your call history.
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Your cell phone is set up to record all outgoing and incoming calls and store them in your call log. Use this feature when you receive a business or a personal call from someone who is not already in your contact list. If you need to contact this person again, scroll through your call log and look for that particular incoming call. However, there are times when you may not want everyone to know your business, including who you call and why. Understanding a few of the fundamental operations of your cell phone can help you easily conceal your call history and the purpose of your calls.

Deleting a Phone Number From Your Call Log

Go to the call log on your celluar phone and highlight the call entry that you would like to erase.

Press the menu key on your phone while the call you want to delete is highlighted.

Select the delete option from the menu screen while the desired phone number is highlighted.

Select "yes" when prompted to confirm that you want to delete the selected phone number. Most modern phones keep all calls to the same phone number under one entry.

Scroll through your call log to ensure that the phone numbers you wanted to erase have been deleted.


If you have a modern Smartphone you may be able to find an application in your specific carrier’s application market (Android Market, Blackberry AppWorld, etc.) that will allow you to conceal phone calls to a specific phone number or conceal your call log completely. Available applications vary by carrier.


Commit phone numbers that you are trying to conceal to memory before deleting since you will likely not want them stored in your contact list.