How to Add an Outlook Email Account to an IPhone

by Jonah QuantUpdated September 28, 2017
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Outlook is an email client software application created by Microsoft. Although Outlook can send and receive email from many types of accounts, its primary purpose is to interact with accounts hosted on Exchange servers (another Microsoft product). Accounts on Exchange can be accessed from a variety of mobile devices. In particular, you can configure an Apple iPhone smartphone to access your email account.

Press the "Home" button on the iPhone to return to the home screen.

Tap "Settings," then "Mail, contacts, calendars," then "Add account," and finally, "Microsoft Exchange."

Enter your complete email address into the "Email" field, the Windows domain name (consult your Exchange administrator for this) into the "Domain" field, your user name and your password. Tap "Next."

Enter the complete host name of your Exchange server only if the iPhone prompts you for it by displaying a "Server" field. This will happen only if the automatic server discovery attempted by the iPhone just failed. Tap "Next." The iPhone will establish a trial connection to the email server.

Turn "Mail" to "ON" on the "Select info to synchronize using Exchange" iPhone screen, then tap "Save." At that point, the iPhone will be configured to send and receive emails using the new account.


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