How to Set Guild Vault Privileges in WOW

By Chris Miksen

Updated September 22, 2017

The “World of Warcraft” guild bank or vault contains items deposited by and available for the entire guild. Unlike personal banks that only the characters themselves can see, the guild vault is visible to all characters in the guild, unless you restrict access to the vault. You can set vault permissions based on guild rank by opening the guild control interface. Vault permissions consist of withdrawal limits and deposit and tab restrictions.

Log in with the character that holds the guild master position.

Press “J” when the character and game world load. The guild screen will appear. Click the “Info” tab, then click “Guild control.”

Click the arrow under “Select guild rank.” Choose the rank for which you wish to edit the vault permissions. Place a checkmark next to “Withdraw” and “Deposit” if you want the rank to be able to withdraw and deposit money. Remove the checkmarks if you wish to restrict withdrawal or deposit access. Enter the amount of gold the rank can withdraw per day in the “Max Gold” box. You can set the option to unlimited if you wish.

Click the tab next to “Guild bank tab” to modify access to the tab. You can choose to allow the rank to view the tab, deposit items, update tab text and set the maximum withdrawals per day.

Click “Accept” once you have made the changes.