How to Use the HackMii Installer

By Nicholas Wyatt

Updated September 22, 2017

The HackMii Installer is a hacked installer that includes the BootMii program and the Homebrew Channel. By performing this install, you will be soft-modding your Nintendo Wii. The BootMii software allows you to backup your Nintendo Wii's NAND memory in case of a crash so you can restore your Wii to original settings. The HackMii installer also installs the Homebrew Channel. The Homebrew Channel allows you to launch homebrew applications, play emulators, play backed-up Wii games from a USB drive and many more features.

Turn on the Nintendo Wii with the SD card inserted. If you have not prepared your SD card with the HackMii installer, insert an SD card into your computer and right-click on the card. Click on the box next to "Quick Format" and "FAT32" to format the SD card as a FAT32 partition. This will enable your Wii to read the card. Afterward, navigate to the BootMii website and click on "download" to save the BootMii program to your computer. Extract the program and place it on the root directory of your SD card. Insert the SD card into your Wii and turn it on.

Navigate through the HackMii installer by using the GameCube controller left or right directional pad. Press "A" on the icon you wish to select. You can also navigate the HackMii menu by using the "Power" and "Reset" buttons. The "Power" button will move your cursor to the right and the "Reset" button will select it.

Make a backup of your Wii NAND memory before installing any other modifications to your Wii. This will allow you to restore the Wii's memory and system in case of a problem. Cycle over to the button with the "gears" and press "A" or "Reset" to select it. Once you have selected the "gears" button, you will be transferred to an alternate page. Press "A" or "Reset" on the first button with a motherboard chip and a green arrow pointing to an SD card. This will back up your NAND memory. While the process is going, the HackMii installer might display that bad blocks have been found; this is normal and does not harm anything. Once the NAND has been copied to the SD card, power down your Wii and remove the SD card. If you need to restore your Wii, make sure the NAND.BIN backup file is on the SD card and press "A" or "Reset" on the button with the motherboard chip and a red arrow pointing to an SD card. This option restores your Wii NAND memory.

Insert the SD card into your computer and transfer the NAND.BIN backup file of the Wii's memory to the computer so that you have a backup copy in case of a problem.

Insert the SD card back into your Nintendo Wii and power it on. Once you get to the HackMii installer, you can install the Homebrew Channel by cycling over to it and pressing the "A" button or "Reset" button to select it. Once the Homebrew Channel is installed, you can go into the settings menu to set the Homebrew Channel to load when you turn on the Wii if you would like. Press "A" or "Reset" on the "Wii" icon to go to the Wii's main menu from the HackMii installer.


Load homebrew applications into an "Apps" folder on your SD card to use them in the Homebrew Channel.


Using the HackMii installer to install the BootMii program and the Homebrew Channel voids your Nintendo warranty. As of April, 2011 the HackMii installer is freeware.