How to Catch Spheal in Soul Silver

By Matthew Vehon

Updated September 22, 2017

Spheal is an Ice and Water–type Pokemon that first appeared in the third generation of Pokemon games. It evolves into Sealo at level 32, and Walrein at level 44. Spheal is only available in the Safari Zone of "Pokemon Soul Silver." The Safari Zone is a unique place for catching Pokemon in that players do not fight the Pokemon prior to catching them. Players are given 30 "Safari Balls" when they enter the zone, and must rely on luck alone when catching Pokemon.

Obtain the National Pokedex by encountering every Pokemon in the Johto region.

Travel to the Safari Zone, west of Cianwood.

Talk to Baoba inside the entrance to the Safari Zone to receive your first challenge.

Catch a Geodude in the Peak area of the Safari Zone; it is the first area encountered when you enter the Safari Zone.

Wait three hours. Baoba will call you and ask you to customize the Safari Zone. Use the "Area Customize" tool to add the "Desert" zone, and catch a Sandshrew in it.

Place the water objects, which are puddles, fountains and water holes, that Baoba gives you in the Peak zone. Over time, Baoba will give you up to 30 items to place in the zone.

Place 18 water items in the Peak zone. (Simply press "A" to place an object in the Safari Zone.)

Visit the Safari Zone every day for 40 days. This will grant an upgrade that causes each of your items to double in value. Spheal requires 35 water objects to appear, but only 30 can be placed in a zone at a given time. After 40 days, your 18 water objects will count as 36, which allows Spheal to appear.

Walk in the grass of the Peak zone until Spheal appears.