How to Catch All 28 Unowns in Fire Red

By Matthew Vehon

Updated September 22, 2017

Unown is a mysterious psychic-type Pokemon that first appeared in the second generation of Pokemon games. It is the only Pokemon with more than two different designs. Unown has a total of 28 forms: one for each letter of the alphabet, an exclamation point and a question mark. They did not appear in the original version of the game, but appear in the remakes Fire Red and Leaf Green, after a player has accomplished the main goals of the game.

Travel to "Quest Island," the last of the seven Sevii Islands. This island can be accessed by the ferry in Vermilion City.

Enter the cave in Sevault Canyon. Sevault Canyon is the furthest south stretch of land on Quest Island.

Move the boulders into the holes with the Pokemon move "Strength."

Pick up the item on the ground called the "Tanoby Key."

Walk out of the cave and head to the southernmost point of the island.

Use the move "Surf" to move on the water. Swim to the caves located east and west of the island.

Enter the cave and catch Unowns. Each of the seven caves have their own name and only contain specific Unowns.


Monean Chamber contains "A" and "?" Unowns. Liptoo Chamber contains "C," "D," "H," "O" and "U" Unowns. Weepth Chamber contains "E," "I," "N" and "S" Unowns. Dilford Chamber contains "J," "L," "P," "Q" and "R" Unowns. Scufib Chamber contains "F," "G," "K," "T" and "Y" Unowns. Rixy Chamber contains "B," "M," "V," "W" and "X" Unowns. Viapois Chamber contains "Z" and "!" Unowns.


You can't go to Quest Island until you've beaten the Elite Four and finished the National Pokedex.