How to Find Friends on Steam

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

Adding friends to your Steam account gives you a multitude of new options. Not only can you play with your friends in online multiplayer games, but you can also keep chatting with them via text or voice even when you're not playing the same game. Once you add a friend, you can begin chatting with them using the Steam client or the Steam Community website.

Adding Friends Via Steam Client

After logging in to the Steam client, you can either click "Friends" in the top menu or "View Friends List" in the bottom right hand corner of the window. Either way, click "Add a Friend" to open a web page in the Steam client. Type the name of a friend you want to add, if you know their username; results appear in real time, so you might experience slight lag typing in the first letter. When you find your friend, you can click through to their profile and send a friend request. If you see an error trying to add a friend, it's possible that the recipient has blocked you or you have added too many friends in too short a span of time.

Linking a Facebook Account

In the Steam client, hover over your username on the top of the window and select "Profile" to see your community profile. Click the "Edit Profile" button on the screen to access the profile settings, which include a Facebook category. Depending on your Facebook security settings, the actual process of linking will vary and may require your phone or email. When the two accounts are linked, click "Find Facebook Friends on Steam." Of course, this will only help you find friends who have also linked their Facebook with their Steam accounts.

Adding Recent Teammates

If you're looking to make brand new friends, hover over your username in the client and select "Friends." This opens a different page than the "View Friends" link does, so don't take that route. Instead, switch over to the "Recently Played With" tab to see the names of every player you faced or helped in the last two weeks. Like searching for individual names, you can navigate to that player's profile to send a friend request.

Branching Out to Other Websites

Third-party websites exist to help you find groups for specific games, which naturally involves making friends with prospective teammates. However, there aren't any reputable websites designed to make friends just for social reasons, so you'll have to search specifically for a game. Some sites may ask you to obtain your Steam ID number, which is normally difficult to find on your own. However, there is a website that allows you to enter your Steam Community URL to quickly obtain this number (see Resources).