Free Zoo Games

By John Johnston

Updated September 22, 2017

Online zoo games are a source of entertainment for animal lovers, as they are required to look after their favorite animals. From taking care of each animal to helping the zoo make a regular income, players need to complete a variety of tasks and meet challenges. You can find any one of a number of zoo games free to play online.

Switch Zoo

Take care of each of the animals in the zoo and feed them when required. You must feed each animal the correct food to help them grow bigger and stronger. As you are shown a picture of each animal as well as a description of what they like, use your mouse to drag the picture into the correct feeding area.

Zoo Keeper Decor Game

This game is aimed at young people. The aim is to move the people, animals and decorations into the correct areas. You do this by clicking on each item with your mouse and dragging it to wherever you would like it to be.

Zoo Keeper

This puzzle game requires you to switch animals around the board to create chains of three animals of the same species. For a quick game you can choose "Normal Game," in which you attempt to set the highest score within the time limit. "Quest Mode" allows you to compete through a story. As you go through the story, each level becomes increasingly difficult.

Zoo Break Out

Playing as Mac the night watchman, you accidentally let all of the animals escape during the night. You must find all of the animals hiding across town. Using a range of clues, you must find the animals and return them to the zoo before the time runs out.