How to Install Addictive Drums

by Seamus IslwynUpdated September 22, 2017
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XLN Audio's Addictive Drums puts a virtual drum kit into your VST- or RTAS-enabled digital audio workstation. This plug-in uses an intuitive interface: the top panel of the main screen displays pictures of all the drums in the kit, while the bottom panel contains a virtual mixer. Other screens let you individually modify each drum's parameters, add effects to drums and apply the customized drum kit to a MIDI beat. Addictive Drums includes thousands of drum samples and MIDI files.

Insert the Addictive drums DVD into the DVD drive and wait for Windows to start the installer. If the installer does not start, double-click the "Desktop" icon for the DVD drive, then double-click "Install Addictive Drums Windows." If you purchased the downloadable version of Addictive Drums, just double-click the downloaded installation file from your "Downloads" folder.

Click "Next" in the installer window, then click "Yes" to agree to the license agreement. Type the installation directory into the "Destination Directory" text box, then click "Next."

Check the boxes next to the versions you want to install. Addictive Drums provides both a VST and an RTAS version.

Specify the plug-in directory if you're using a customized directory. If you want the default plug-in directory, click "Next." Click "Close" when the installation finishes.

Launch your digital audio workstation by double-clicking its "Desktop" icon. Drag and drop the entry for "Addictive Drums" from your digital audio workstation's plug-in section to an empty MIDI track. Click "Authorize" in the screen that appears.

Click the "Copy" button next to the entry for "Computer ID." Click the link underneath "Online" to open the XLN Audio authorization page in your browser. Enter your license number from the Addictive Drums documentation, then click inside the Compter ID text field and press "Ctrl+V" to paste. Highlight the Authorization Code that appears and press "Ctrl+C" together.

Return to your digital audio workstation. Click the "Paste" button next to "Authorization Code." Click the "Authorize" button to start using Addictive Drums.


If you don't plan to run Addictive Drums in Pro Tools, save hard drive space by deselecting the RTAS version when installing.


Ensure that you have enough space on your hard drive for the Addictive Drums library before starting installation.


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