At Home "Fear Factor" Ideas

By Mateo Zeske

Updated September 22, 2017

Many people enamored with the now-concluded NBC reality game competition “Fear Factor” have wanted to test their resolve in the face of scary or disgusting stunts, dares and games. Playing an at-home version of the game can allow participants a more comfortable environment to test their metal and younger players can have games modified for their age group. Teams can be uniform throughout the process or change each game. The most important thing a "Fear Factor" host can do is respect the comfort levels of those playing.

Icy Cold Challenge

The icy cold challenge is a game for younger players. Fill a baby pool with marbles, plastic spiders and bugs. Make a few slits for players to put their hands through. Add lots of ice to the baby pool and place a tablecloth over the top. Tell the kids they have to reach their hands into a freezing cold bug zoo to retrieve as many marbles as possible.

Dog Bone Race Challenege

"Fear Factor" goes to the dogs in the dog bone race challenge, which has players lined up in relay fashion and two dog bowls at the starting line and finish line. Players get on all fours like a dog, scoop up assorted dog food from the first tray with their mouths, go on all fours to the finish line and drop the food into the second bowl and repeat the process until time is called. The team with the most dog food at the finish line at the end wins.

Rotten Egg Challenge

The rotten egg challenge has players divide into relay teams. Have the players line up and place a bucket of dirt at the end of the line. Crack a raw egg in the first team mate's hand and they will pass it down the line to end up in the bucket. The team with the most of their rotten egg in the bucket at the end of the game wins. Another variation of this game has players balancing an egg on a spoon held in their mouths.

Eating Challenges

The eating challenge is a versatile "Fear Factor" game that can be played with a lot of ingredients. Some favorites of party hosts have included dog food, sardines in oil, anchovies in tomato sauce, canned hash and potted meat or a combination of canned beets, string beans and crushed pineapple. You can have players wonder what the real ingredients are to "baby vomit" (baby food spinach), "kitty litter" (crumbled up cake), "eyeballs" (peeled grapes) or "mucus" (pistachio pudding.) People could also consume unusual food items like chocolate bugs or chicken feet. Another "Fear Factor" game that involves food is a challenge that involves eating ordinary food without the use of your hands. Serve "pig's blood" (tomato juice and bacon bits) as an accompanying beverage.