How to Supercharge a Glide in "Spyro"

By Timothy Baron

Updated September 22, 2017

"Spyro the Dragon" is an action adventure game that follows the story of a young dragon. Over the course of the game, he develops many abilities, such as breath attacks and the capacity for flight. Typically, he can't glide very far because he doesn't have much momentum. If he first supercharges, then Spyro can go much further. He can only supercharge in certain situations, however, limiting the usefulness of this ability. When he can use it, it often provides access to hidden locations with eggs, crystals and other valuables.

Find a steep slope with arrows. Only slopes with arrows allow Spyro to supercharge.

Hold the charge button as Spyro descends the slope. He picks up speed the longer you hold it, and as he speeds up, he'll also start to steam. If the steam turns yellow or red, then he'll be able to glide especially far.

Jump when Spyro reaches a ledge or the end of the slope. He'll perform a superjump, which, with the momentum of his supercharge, will take him much further than a typical jump.

Tap the jump button again when Spyro reaches the apex of his leap. He'll then spread his wings and glide the rest of the way. If you don't glide, then Spyro will plummet much sooner.