How to Lock Pick in Mafia 2

By Kevin Bramer

Updated September 22, 2017

"Mafia II," which is available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, encourages you to participate in many different kinds of simulated illegal activities in your quest to gain respect in the criminal underworld. One of these activities involves picking the locks of vehicles or safes. This is accomplished by maneuvering each of the pins in the lock and using a wrench to set them in place piece by piece. You can use this lockpicking skill once you go through the tutorial in the game's second chapter.

Play through the "Car Jacking" mission in the second chapter. This features a tutorial on how to use lock picks, and another character will buy you a lock pick to use at any point after the mission.

Approach any lock with a lock pick. Use the left joystick to maneuver the lock pins. Move the first pin until it turns green.

Press "X" if using a PS3 or "Square" for Xbox 360 once the pin has turned green to use the wrench to lock the pin into place. Repeat this process for each of the pins in the lock. Once all pins are locked in the green position, the lock will open. All locks have between three and five pins.