How to Watch Netflix Without a Home Phone

By Chris Miksen

Updated September 22, 2017

With Netflix, you can stream movies directly to your TV or a Netflix-supported device through the Internet. If you do not have a home phone line, there is no need to worry, as Netflix does not require home phone service. As long as you have a Netflix-supported device and can connect to the Internet in some fashion, such as broadband or Wi-Fi, you can watch Netflix movies in the privacy of your home at any time.

Create a Netflix account at If you already have a Netflix account, ensure that you have selected a streaming plan. You can change your plan at any time by accessing your Netflix account.

Connect to the Internet wirelessly or through broadband cable with the device of your choice. As of March 2011, Netflix supports computers, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, iPhone, iPad, Windows 7 phone, certain Blu-ray players, HD TVs and streaming devices. Some devices, such as Xbox 360, require an external adapter to connect wirelessly.

Install Netflix on the device. You do not need to download Netflix for a computer, but most other devices require some sort of setup. You can find the setup instructions either on the Netflix website or the manual that came with your device. After the installation is complete, you can begin streaming movies.