How to Connect an Xbox to a PC

By Josienita Borlongan

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Internet connection

  • Wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) networking

  • Windows PC

  • Xbox 360

It is doable to connect an Xbox 360 to a Windows PC. Doing so would allow you to download music, videos, and pictures from the Internet with your personal computer, through the Xbox then onto your TV.

Connect your Xbox to the network. You can either do this via an ethernet cable which can be directly plugged from the Xbox to the router or by using a wireless router and wireless card. Test your Xbox network connections if it is connecting. If it does then you are on the network.

Turn on your Windows PC (personal computer). Make sure that you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). If you do not, go ahead and download that by going to windows update, go to downloads, and look for Windows XP SP2 and download it.

Open your Windows Media Player. You should have version 11 for this to work. If you have the older version, you can go ahead and upgrade your windows media player version by going to the windows update for Microsoft and search for the upgrade then click it to download for free.

Go to Library in Windows Media Player.

Go to Media Sharing.

Check the box in front of Share My Media, then click on OK.

Click the console once it shows up. Then select "allow."

Go to Media section of your Xbox.

Select from choices on the menu, from pictures, music or videos.

Select on what picture, music or video to play. You should see the pictures, music or movie on your television which is hooked up to your Xbox.


For music downloads or MP3 you can use the Zune software. Downloaded movies or home videos can be watched from your personal computer through the Xbox to your TV.


Do not perform any pirated videos or movies for this is illegal.