How to Change Your Alignment in NWN2

By Eric Brown

Updated September 22, 2017

Neverwinter Nights 2 is the follow-up to the successful Dungeons and Dragons video game Neverwinter Nights. Your game character has an alignment that can range from good/lawful to evil/chaotic. NWN2 alignment affects how non-player characters, or NPCs, react to your character or party. Alignment can be changed over time by doing good or evil deeds, such as helping NPCs or killing them instead. There are also NWN2 cheat that allows you to change your alignment instantly.

Open NWN2 via your Start Menu or using your desktop icon. Either begin a new game or continue a saved game.

Press the "~" key in the top, left of your keyboard to open the console once you are in game play.

Type in "DebugMode1" and press "Enter." You need to remove the quotes from "DebugMode1."

Type in "rs ga_alignment(1,0)" and press "Enter." The first number corresponds to how much of a change you want and the second number refers to the good/evil scale (0) or lawful/chaotic scale (1). The following values are available:

4: 70 points good/lawful 3: 10 points good/lawful 2: 3 points good/lawful 1: 1 point good/lawful -1: 1 point evil/chaotic -2: 3 points evil/chaotic -3: 10 points evil/chaotic -4: 70 points evil/chaotic

For example, if you want your character to gain 70 points toward chaotic, you would enter "rs ga_alignment(-4,1)" and press "Enter."

Save your game and either continue playing or exit.


All console values are case sensitive and will need any quotation marks removed at the beginning and end.