How to Find Suicune in "Fire Red"

By Lee Johnson

Updated September 22, 2017

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Finding Suicune in “Pokemon Fire Red” can be very difficult, and can seem virtually impossible if you aren’t sure where to look. “Pokemon Fire Red” is a remake of the original “Pokemon Red” game, and features three “Legendary Dog” Pokemon, Suicune, Entei and Raikou. These Pokemon appear depending on which Pokemon you started the game with. To catch Suicune, you will have to have started the game with Charmander. Suicune can be located in any grassy area across Kanto, but is often found in Route 2.

Defeat the Elite Four. The Elite Four can be found to the north of Victory Road. Suicune won’t appear until you have defeated the Elite Four, so you must do this before searching for the Legendary Dog.

Get the National Dex from Professor Oak. Go to Pallet Town to find him. Professor Oak gave you the Pokedex you have, and he will give you the National Dex if you have caught 60 Pokemon. The National Dex lists all 386 Pokemon, as opposed to just the 151 from the original games.

Buy around 25 Max Repels, at least 15 Ultra Balls or Great Balls and 15 Timer Balls. Suicune isn’t easy to capture, so ensuring you have a lot of good Pokeballs gives you the best chance of catching the Legendary Dog. If you have a Master Ball, it may make the process easier, if you’re willing to use it.

Find a patch of grass with a building beside it. You can use the patch of grass on Route 2 near the entrance to Viridian Forest, but any patch of grass in Kanto with a building near it will be suitable. Every time you enter and leave a building, Suicune will have switched position. The idea is that eventually, Suicine will appear in the grass you are near.

Place a grass or electric Pokemon of just under level 50 at the top of your list. Grass and electric Pokemon are most effective against Suicune, who is a water Pokemon. Putting a strong Pokemon at the top of the list means that the Max Repels will repel any wild Pokemon of a lower level than it. Suicune is level 50, so your Pokemon must be lower than that.

Use a Max Repel. This will keep low-level Pokemon away from you, making catching Suicune a much less time-consuming process. Walk around the grass for around 20 steps, or simply cover each square of the patch. Enter the nearby building and walk straight out again.

Walk around the patch of grass again, using another Max Repel when the previous one wears out. If you don’t find Suicune, enter and exit the building again. Repeat the process until you end up in a fight with Suicune. Use your Master Ball, or weaken Suicune sufficiently and use an Ultra Ball or Great Ball to catch Suicune.