How to Forward a MetroPCS Phone

by Riz KhanUpdated September 28, 2017

You can easily forward an incoming phone call on a MetroPCS phone. When call forwarding is enabled on the phone, the calls will be forwarded to any other phone number that you specify. MetroPCS offers two types of call forwarding: instant and conditional. Instant call forwarding redirects every incoming phone call to the phone number you choose. Conditional call forwarding will redirect calls only when your phone is in a no-signal zone or powered off.

Instant Call Forwarding

Press “*72” on your MetroPCS phone, followed by the 10-digit phone number to which the calls are to be forwarded.

Hit the “Send” button on your phone. A confirmation tone will inform you that the call forwarding has been set up.

Turn off call forwarding by dialing “*73” and pressing the “Send” button.

Conditional Call Forwarding

Press “*74” and the 10-digit number to which you want to forward incoming calls.

Press the “Send” button. If the feature is successfully set up, you will hear a confirmation tone.

Turn off conditional call forwarding by dialing “*73.”

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