How to Watch Zee Marathi on TV in the USA

By Trevor Talley

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Television

  • Credit or debit card (optional)

  • Mailing address (optional)

  • Phone (optional)

Watching foreign television in the United States requires a bit of work, but it is not impossible.
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Zee Marathi is a television channel based in India that broadcasts in the language of Marathi. It is part of the Zee TV network, one of India's largest television networks, and it is very popular in India, especially in Mumbai. When living in the United States, attempting to watch Zee Marathi can be somewhat tricky, but it can be done. There are three reliable methods to bring Zee Marathi television to your home TV.

On Cable

Call your cable provider and ask if it carries Zee Marathi. Some cable providers offer foreign channels for an extra fee. If your provider does not carry Zee Marathi, proceed to the next step.

Go to the Zee Marathi website (

Click the animated "Cannot watch Zee Marathi?" ad on the bottom right of the website.

Fill out the form that pops up.

Call your local cable provider and ask it to provide Zee Marathi in your area.

Online Subscription

Go to on your Internet browser.

Click the WatchIndia TV-Box link on the top of the website.

Fill out the "start your free trial" form on the right to create an account.

Add the "WatchIndia.TV TV Box" and the desired channel package to your cart. Zee Marathi is included in the "Mega Marathi" package and also can be purchased through any of the channel packages. Individual episodes can be purchased under WatchIndia's Video On Demand option.

Fill out your information and order your WatchIndia.TV TV Box and channels. When your TV box arrives, follow the included information to connect your box to your TV and your WatchIndia account.

Online Clips

Go to either Zee Marathi's Youtube page ( or Zee Marathi's Mypopkorn page (

Connect your computer to your TV through an HD cable or other computer-to-tv connection.

Set up your TV as a second screen through the Control Panel on your PC or System Preferences on your Mac.

Drag the browser window that contains Zee Marathi's online clips to your second screen (your TV).

Play Zee Marathi clips and shows on your TV from Youtube or Mypopkorn.