How to Reset the Skills for "Silkroad"

By Jess Kroll

Updated September 22, 2017

"Silkroad" is a free massively multiplayer online role playing game developed and based in Korea but available worldwide. The game world is based on the silk road that connected Rome to China, running through Persia on the way, which gives the game a cross-cultural influence, taking elements from European, Asian and Muslim history. Players gain weapon and combat abilities by purchasing them with skills. While these skills can be reset, they are potentially expensive, both in game and out, making the initial choice of skills very important.

Speak to any Herbalist in a town and select "Withdraw Skill." Choose the first option, "Resuscitation potion quest."

Collect 10 "Curst Heart" items. These drop from any mob in the game world, although they are very rare and will take some time to accumulate. Up to 300 Curst Hearts can be carried at one time, and they do not interfere with other quest items that may drop.

Return to the Herbalist and go through the same steps to complete the quest. The Herbalist will convert every 10 Curst Hearts into a Resuscitation Potion. Once the quest is completed, no Curst Hearts will drop until the quest is repeated.

Talk to the Herbalist again with the potion in your character's inventory. Choose the skill reset quest conversation and then the option written in Korean (it may show up as a bunch of gibberish or random characters). This opens a windows similar to the standard skill up menu.

Choose the skill to reset by clicking the red "DN" icon located under it. Confirm the operation. Set the skill down to the desire level using the up and down arrows next to the skill level. A Resuscitation Potion is needed for each reset skill level; if you want to reset multiple skill levels, you will need multiple Resuscitation Potions. For question purposes, multiply the number of skill levels you wish to reset by 10 for the amount of Curst Hearts needed to collect before turn-in. Resetting the skill refunds 80% of the skill points needed to initially purchase that skill.

Using the potion will incur a steep gold cost. Moving down from level 2 to level 1 in one skill costs over 16,000 golds. Moving from level 3 to level 2 costs over 19,000. Costs increase the skill level.


Mastery levels can only be reset if there are no leveled skill that requires that level of mastery.

Skill Reallocation Potions are also available for purchase in "Silkroad" item mall for 28 silk. These are found under the "Special" section in the "Expendables" menu. They refund 100% of skill points spent on initial purchase. 50 silk can be purchased for $4.80, making each Skill Reallocation Potion available for approximately $2.69.