How to Put Your Face on Someone Else's Body in Photoscape

By Breann Kanobi

Updated September 28, 2017

Add your face to another person's body.
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Adding your face to another person's body serves as a fun way to imagine yourself in a new scenario or with a completely new look. Experiment by putting your face on the body of a model, celebrity, athlete or ordinary person in an extreme location, such as a person on a surfboard. The more you practice, the less apparent your photo editing will be to most people.

Double-click on the icon of Photoscape to launch the program. Click on the "File" button and select "Open File." Choose a picture of your face or your face and body with a clear resolution. In this picture, you should face the camera.

Navigate to the editing menu at the bottom of the window. Click on the "Crop" tab and select the lasso tool. Click on the image, just below your chin. Drag the mouse around the edge of your head. Release the mouse when you complete the circle. If the picture you wish to add the face to contains a hairstyle you would like to include, make the circle around your face and do not include the hair.

Right-click on the face and scroll to "Copy."

Click on the "File" menu and scroll to "Open." Select the picture that contains the body to which you will add your face.

Resize the image window by clicking on the edge of the image area and dragging it outwards.

Right-click on a white, empty area of the window and scroll to "Paste." Keep the image of your face highlighted and click on the "Tools" tab. Select the Resize tool. Click on the corner of your face. Drag it outwards to make the face larger and drag it inwards to make the face smaller.

Drag the face over the face on the body. If you can still see the original face under your face, resize your face further. You may wish to turn down the contrast by clicking on the "Home" tab and clicking on the black and white square in the top-left corner. This turns the contrast to the lowest setting, blurring the lines between your face and the body.


Use two pictures with similar brightness, color tones and contrast for best results.