How to Turn Off the Popup Blocker in Mozilla

by Elvis MichaelUpdated September 28, 2017
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Mozilla Firefox offers the ability to block pop-up windows while browsing the Internet. While most users prefer to have this option enabled, others may need to disable it for various reasons. For typical home users, this includes the ability to view a desired pop-up from a product-based website. For a Web publisher, disabling such feature helps analyze relevant pop-ups generated by the site’s content. As a result, users can tweak the data accordingly and improve each pop-up’s relevancy. If you are a new Mozilla Firefox user, turning off the pop-up blocker is conveniently achieved from the browser’s preferences page.

Launch the “Tools” menu and proceed to “Options.”

Go to the “Content” tab from the top menu options.

Uncheck the “Block Pop-up Windows” check box. Click “OK” to effectively disable the pop-up blocking feature.


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