How to Beat Grow Tower

by Andrea ReuterUpdated September 22, 2017

In "Grow Tower," part of a series of flash games by Eyezmaze, the object is to grow your tower vertically to reach a light bulb housed within a fixture in the shape of the sun. You click on tower components one at a time and each piece you add interacts with the others, growing and gaining levels. Some trial and error is required to solve "Grow Tower" and the game can only be completed by adding the tower components in one particular order.

Click on the gray box with a red button in the center.

Click on the yellow vase, which is in the center of the five tower components.

Select the pile of bricks, which is in the bottom square.

Click on the earth, which is in the top square.

Select the flower pot.

Click on the rabbit-like creature that has now appeared in the center square and watch the animation to win the game.


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