How to Get More Character Slots in Mugen

By David Paige

Updated September 22, 2017

"M.U.G.E.N" (also known as "MUGEN") is a 2D fighting game engine available for Windows, MS-DOS, Linux, Xbox, and PlayStation 3. The engine allows users to customize and create characters, stages, and moves for fighters and use these characters to fight other user's characters (however, there is no online mode available). If you want to get more character slots in "MUGEN," you can easily do this.

Open the folder of your "MUGEN" system file (the folder where game information is stored).

Double-click on the "Tools" folder. Double-click on the .DEF file labeled "system." The file will open up in "Notepad."

Scroll to the line of the .DEF file that says "Character Select Definition." Four lines after this you will see a line called "Rows." Delete the number in this line (by default, it will be "3") and replace it with the "30."

Delete the number on the "Columns" line (the default is "2") and replace it with the "30." You will now have more character slots for storing fighters.