Tricks for a High Score in "Slingo"

By Liz MacMillan

Updated September 22, 2017

"Slingo" is a casino game that plays like a mixture of slots and bingo. The game can be played online, and there are versions for computers and video game consoles. Regardless of which version is being played, it's possible to rack up impressive scores using the appropriate strategies.

Use Multipliers

Multipliers temporarily increase the number of points earned. For example, a 3x multiplier increases your score by three times the base number. Multipliers are cumulative, so if you get a 2x, 3x and 4x, your score will be multiplied by a total of 9 (2+3+4 = 9). Save these multipliers until near the end of the game, which is when more slingos appear. Always use multipliers on slingos and not matches, which aren't worth as many points. A neat trick is to use bounce slingos to quickly build up a large score base, then use multipliers to quickly rack up the points.

Chain Slingos Together

Chain slingos together in groups whenever possible, since each slingo will earn double the points of the slingo before it but the number resets if the chain is interrupted by a normal match. Certain powerups like instant slingos or boulders don't reset the value of a slingo chain and can be used to extend the scoring streak. Bouncing slingo and instant slingo powerups are useful for chaining slingos together.

Experiment with Powerups

Experiment with different combinations of powers that complement each other well. For example, bouncing slingos work well with powerups that let you make more than one match at once, like an instant slingo or boulder.

Bet on Minigames

Always bet everything on minigames, and back the bets with devil protection to get rid of the risk.