How to Operate the Telkom Business Opticon Phone

By Ben David

Updated September 28, 2017

The Telkom Opticon Phone system is an IP (Internet Protocol) PBX phone system designed for use in business environments. The Opticon IP phone is manufactured by LG and uses convergence technology to power a number of functions and features like the ability to route calls and designate extension types. This system also uses a Universal Card Slot modular architecture to aid in network scalability. The basic operation of the Telkom Opticon phone is fairly straightforward.

Choose and press an “Ext.” soft key on the side of the phone to select a extension. There are a number of programmable soft keys on the right-hand side of the phone to choose from. Once you select a soft key, the extension number will appear on the display screen.

Press the “Hold” button to place a current call on hold.

Press the “Transfer” button and then an “Ext.” soft key to transfer a call to another extension.

Press the “DND” (Do Not Disturb) button to redirect incoming calls to active extensions.