Where Are All 11 Bloodstones in Champions: Return to Arms?

By John Grossman

Updated September 22, 2017

"Champions: Return to Arms" is a fantasy video game for the Sony PlayStation 2 console. Set in the world of EverQuest, it is the sequel to "Champions of Norrath." In "Champions: Return to Arms," players can collect a total of 11 bloodstones by completing various quests. The 11 bloodstones are required to enter the Area of Twisted Nightmare.

First and Second Bloodstones

The first bloodstone is located in Faydark Forest. Go to the end of the Unexplored Tome level. On your way to the end, you will have to kill numerous undead before finally reaching the Bloodstone of Faydark. You can find the second bloodstone in the Warboar Caves. Kill the undead knight there, and don't forget to take the Bloodstone of War.

Third and Fourth Bloodstones

Go to the Duff's Junkyard Fights level in order to find the third bloodstone. This is a strange level, since you don't actually have to fight to win it. Instead, you have to bet money on a fighting game. If you win your bet, you can actually leave with your third bloodstone. The fourth bloodstone is located in the 21 Leagues level of the Plane of Water. Explore the level fully, making sure to take every single available path. The fourth bloodstone is hidden on one of these paths.

Fifth and Sixth Bloodstones

You can get your fifth bloodstone by going to the Hell's Cells level in the Plane of Torment. Once you are there, accept the quest from Slyea the vampire. She wants you to find some bloodvine for her. Before going on that quest, remember to kill every creature and open every chest near Slyea's room. The bloodstone is hidden somewhere within that level. The sixth bloodstone is in the Gothic Castle level of the Plane of Ill Omen. Fully explore the area and the game will reward you with your sixth bloodstone.

Seventh and Eighth Bloodstones

The seventh bloodstone can be found in the Crypts of Decay level of the Planes of Disease. Kill the Minotaur boss and his minions in order to get the bloodstone. Find your eighth bloodstone in the Isle of Dishonor level of the Plane of Valor. Simply explore the area and you should find the bloodstone.

Ninth and Tenth Bloodstones

Go to the Torments Furnace in the Plane of Fire area in order to find the ninth bloodstone. Fully explore the area and kill every monster in order to get it. Then move on to the Frozen Wind Bunker in the Plane of Storms in order to find the tenth bloodstone. Kill every monster, break each barrel and explore every part of the level to find it.

Eleventh Bloodstone

Go to Death's Countdown in the Plane of Nightmares to get your last bloodstone. As usual, explore everything and you will find it. Then move on to the Twisted Nightmare area and use your newly-collected bloodstones to get access to it.