How to Find the Geek in Classroom 3

By Andrew Button

Updated September 22, 2017

Classroom 3 is played on a computer
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Classroom 3 is an online strategy game developed by Armor Games. The main objective of the game is to have your character, a school bully type, cheat off of another student's test (the geek) without being caught by the teacher. Not only must you find the geek, who is not clearly identified, you must do so while staying out of the teacher's field of vision. Thus, to find the geek in Classroom 3, you need to be able to search a field while avoiding a moving obstacle.

Navigate away from your seat using the direction keys on your keyboard. Move up and down the rows to move closer to the geek's location. In level 1, the geek is clearly identified as a yellow circle (other students are represented with green circles). Move toward the yellow circle using the direction keys.

Avoid the teacher's field of vision when searching for the geek. The teacher's field of vision is the light green triangle that emanates from the red circle (the teacher). As long as you stay outside of this green triangular area, you will not be caught.

Press the control or right mouse button to check whether a student is the geek. In level 1, the geek is clearly marked, but in subsequent levels, the geek is hidden among the other students in dim classroom lighting. In these levels, you must approach students until you find the geek, using the right mouse or control (ctrl) button to check.

Look in the hallways for the student with the open book. In levels that take place outside the classroom, the geek is the kid with the open book in the hallway.

Look for the student whom the teacher spends a lot of time observing. In some levels, the teacher's field of vision will tip you off to the location of the geek.

Look for the student in white in the dimly lit classroom levels. In some dimly lit levels, the geek is nondescript, and you must check multiple students before finding him. However, in other dimly lit levels, the geek is colored white.