How to Find Out How Much Time Someone Has Spent Playing "World of Warcraft"

By Chris Miksen

Updated September 22, 2017

"World of Warcraft" is an enormous time sink for most people; that's not to say the game isn't enjoyable, but it can take up a large part of someone's life. Blizzard, the developers behind the game, gives its "World of Warcraft" players the ability to check how much time they've spent in-game with a slash command. When used, this command shows the total time you've spent playing, measured in days, hours and minutes.

Choose the character whose total playing time you want to check.

Press "Enter" to access the chat box, and type "/played" without the quotation marks. The total time played for that character will appear in the form of days, hours and minutes.

Repeat the process on all characters to check the total time played on each one.


The "/played" command also displays your time played at the current level.

You can only check the total playing time of your own characters. As of July 2014, there is no way to check the total playing time of other players in the game.