How do I Beat Cherry Master Machines?

By Sharin Griffin

Updated September 22, 2017

Cherry Master machines are computerized slot machines that offer certain payouts to lucky winners.
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Cherry Master machines are computerized slot machines that prompt you to add money in hopes of lining up certain symbols. Once these symbols align, you win varying credits to go for prizes or cash. Although outlawed in some states across the U.S., Cherry Masters are still found in high traffic cities where gambling is allowed, such as Las Vegas. Beating the Cherry Master takes time and patience, with a keen eye for detail.

Watch the machine's mode software before depositing any money. Certain companies who manufacture Cherry Master software provide secrets to beating the game. The two main companies that produce Cherry Master software are Games and Dyna, according to UB Rake. These are the easiest to beat, while other software developers decrease your winning odds.

Bet only one credit to start with, and quickly stop the spin. A screen will show up called a special odds screen which shows a variety of combinations. Accept the credits you are given during the special odds play, and then bet one credit on your next spin. Do this 99 times, betting eight credits on your hundredth spin to win.

Avoid machines that require you to place large bets or feed in larger amounts of money to play. Although these machines offer a slightly higher payout, they are more difficult to beat, and could end up costing you hundreds of dollars before you could possible recoup half of your bets.

Take note of how many slots are available on the screen. The more slots there are, the more difficult it will be to win. Fewer slots mean the machine cycles through possible combinations faster, increasing your winning odds.

Play machines that show higher pools. Reset machines will show a pool of zero, and will take longer to determine a winner. Higher pools mean that the machine is ready to hit a win, and your odds for a higher payout are greatly increased.