How to Create Your Own Obituary Card

By Jordan Whitehouse

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Photos

  • Paper

Create an obituary card before you die.
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Funeral homes offer obituary card services, but if you'd like to have complete control over what your obituary card looks like and says, create your own by using a card template you can find online. There are thousands of card templates online, so you shouldn't have any difficulty finding one that suits you. Most of your time will be spent composing your own obituary, which can be difficult for those who are uncomfortable with the prospect of death.

Navigate to a website that provides card templates and download a template. This choice is yours, but consider how much room the interior of the card allows for written text. Your obituary could be quite long, so you want to ensure there is enough space. If you want to include photos within your obituary card, consider where in the card you could place those photos. Three websites that offer card templates are Microsoft Office, Hoover Web Design and Southworth.

Choose the photos you want to include in the obituary card and place them within the template. A photo of yourself on the front of the card is a good design choice. Place other photos throughout the card, but don't use too many, as you have to save room for your written obituary.

Create headings and captions within the obituary card. On the front, include your name in large letters, and on the interior create a heading for your obituary. Instead of labeling it the somewhat morose "Obituary," you could use a heading like "A Life Well Lived" or "Only the Beginning." The captions for your photos should be concise, but they should explain what you and, if applicable, the other people in the photos are doing.

Compose your obituary within the card. Before you begin, create an outline of what you'd like to include. Do you want the obituary to be a chronological account of your life or do you only want to highlight a few important aspects? Do you have specific messages to send to your family and friends?

Print the card on a heavy stock of paper. A heavy stock will give the card a professional look and it will minimize the chances of it being ripped or damaged.

Give the obituary card to a family member or a friend to proofread once you have finished it. Ask them if they agree with your design choices and if there are any glaring spelling, grammatical or factual errors within the card.