How to Remove TV Logos

By Jason Candanedo

Updated September 28, 2017

With the TV's remote control, you can remove the TV station's onscreen logo.
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Whenever you watch a program on television, the station’s company television logo will display onscreen. Most, if not all stations, advertise in this manner. Sometimes, this logo can become an annoyance, distracting you from the main programming that you are watching. You can remove this logo utilizing television options available through the TV’s remote control. This process is quite simple.

Turn on the television set. Choose the station that you want to watch. The icon of that particular station will usually be found in the lower right corner of the television screen.

Locate either the “Zoom,” “Wide” or “Aspect Ratio” buttons on your remote control. The control should have at least one of these buttons. Now press it. The television screen’s image size will change. Older television sets do not usually contain this option.

Scroll through each image size, by pressing the “Zoom,” “Wide” or “Aspect Ratio” buttons. Scroll until the TV logo disappears from the screen.

Return the screen to normal size by pressing the button until the image is back to normal.