Fun Games for Wedding Centerpiece Giveaways

By LarryP

Updated September 22, 2017

Games to give centerpieces away are fun for the guests.
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The centerpieces on the tables at a wedding reception become talking pieces for the guests. Everyone wants to take one home and can't wait to see if they are one of the lucky guests to get one. Having a game to give the centerpieces away is entertaining and gives every guest a chance to be that happy winner.

Birthday or Anniversaries

If there is a disc jockey, get them involved with this game idea. For this game you will ask the guests when their birthday or anniversary is. Start with asking who has their anniversary during the month of the wedding. Guests with anniversaries closest to the wedding day of the newlyweds win a centerpiece. Another variety of the game is done by asking what guests have birthdays during that month. This is also a way of recognizing them for their birthday. Also, you can combine birthdays and anniversaries for the game.

Remember the Artist

At the beginning of the reception announce that the centerpieces are going to be given away and tell guests that they should listen for a certain music artist. Choose the favorite artist of the bride or groom. For example, if they hear a song by Elvis Presley they need to yell out "Elvis!" The person who yells it first wins a centerpiece. Continue the game by having the disc jockey play more Elvis songs or change the music artist for each centerpiece. If there is a tie, break the tie by asking which guest can name the song title that they just heard.

Envelope Game

Take a large envelope with the table number written on it, and put smaller envelopes inside. Make sure there is a small envelope for each guest at the table. Place index cards inside the small envelopes, seal the envelopes and put pencils or pens on the table. Announce to the guests that you are giving them three minutes to open an envelope and write a few words to the couple; ask them to sign their name on the card. When the time is up, have them put the smaller envelopes back into the bigger one and turn it in. The guest at each table who opened their envelope the neatest wins the centerpiece. The guests won't expect it and the newlyweds receive nice notes to read after the reception.

Balloon Game

For this game have all the guests come out to the dance floor. Fill a helium balloon with pieces of paper saying "Win" and "Sorry." Have the number of "Win" papers to represent the number of centerpieces that are being given away. While the guests are on the dance floor, pop the balloon so that the papers go all over the dance floor. Guests will scramble for papers and try to catch them as they fall. Whoever catches or finds a "Win" gets a centerpiece.