Youth Group Water Games

By Krystal Miller

Updated September 22, 2017

Use water balloons to create games for your youth group.
i Digital Vision/Valueline/Getty Images

When teaching a youth group during hot summer months, plan a variety of water games to help the children beat the heat. From water balloon games to sponge relay races, use your creativity to design games the children will love. Awarding prizes, such as water guns and water toys, to game winners will keep the children enthusiastically awaiting the next game.

Water Balloon Squash

Divide the children into two or three teams and make 30 water balloons for each team. Place each team’s water balloons in a bucket and place the bucket on a plastic tarp. Have all the teams line up at a starting line about 20 feet away from the plastic tarps. When you say, “Go,” the first player in each team line must race to his team bucket and get a water balloon. He must place the water balloon on the plastic tarp and sit on it to pop it. When he pops the balloon, he can race back and tag the next player in line, who must do the same thing. The first team to pop all of their water balloons wins the game. To make the game harder, add dish-washing liquid or vegetable oil to the plastic tarps.

Water Balloon Toss Relay Race

Split the players into two or three even teams. Have each team stand in a single-file line and have each player stand about 5 feet away from one another. Give the first player in each team line a water balloon. Place a bucket of extra water balloons for the teams in case players drop their balloon. When you say, “Race,” the players must throw their water balloons down their team line from player to player. If a player drops the water balloon or the balloon busts, the player must get a new water balloon and start over. The first team to pass the water balloon all the way down their team line wins the game.

Fill the Bottle

Have the children get into pairs and give each pair a 20 oz. plastic soda bottle. One player on each team must lie on the ground and hold the plastic bottle on his forehead. Give the other player a 4 oz. paper cup. Fill a large bucket of water for the teams to use to fill up their cups. Tell the players to race to fill up their plastic soda bottle using only the 4 oz. cup. The first team to fill their plastic soda bottle wins the game.

Drip, Drip, Splash

Tell the children to sit in a circle and play a game of drip, drip, splash. Select one player to go first and give her a cup of water. Have her walk around the outside of the circle, while dripping water on the heads of the other players saying, “Drip, drip.” When she decides to say, “Splash,” she must pour the entire cup of water on that player’s head. That player must chase her around the circle and try to tag her. If he catches her, that player is it again. If he does not catch her before she runs and sits in her spot in the circle, he is “it” for the next round.