How to Run Hex Editor on a PS3 Console

By Rachel Moran

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • PS3 console

  • High-speed wireless Internet connection

  • Hexadecimal (hex) editor

Hex editors let users make changes to software they access on PS3.
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PS3 (PlayStation 3) software can be edited with the use of a hexadecimal (hex) editor, an additional software program that lets users view and edit binary-code data. All data in a file is encoded in hexadecimal notations that display the information on every byte in the file. But not all hex notations express wholly usable data. The information at this level is granular, as opposed to the higher-level data presented by applications. Run a hex editor on PS3 to save games, change avatars, or perform other customizations to software that grants the license to modify.

Download a hex editor. Choose a hex editor online and download it. There are numerous free versions. Although they usually have limited features, they will often work just fine for saving games or changing artwork or other basic functions. Full versions sometimes come with technical support, so they may be worth the money. Follow any run prompts particular to the download, so that the editor is ready to be used.

Open the file to modify. Launch the hex editor in PS3 and use the editor's open command to open the file to modify. This is usually accessed through "File," then "Open," but there may simply be an open command to use.

Locate the relevant data. This is the most time-consuming part of hex editing. Under the "Edit" menu, there will be a choice to either go to a certain offset, value, or string. If given a choice between "Hex" or "Dec," choose "Hex." If given an option to search in a particular direction, choose "Down." Refer to the modification instructions for the program file and enter the data that will be modified.

Change the data. Check that the editor is in "Overwrite" mode by looking at the top toolbar of the software. If not, toggle to the field and change it. Change the selected hex data to whatever data is desired.

Save the file. Go to File. Go to and select Save. If prompted to create a back-up, do so.