Free Games That Are Not Blocked at School

By Mike Smith

Updated September 22, 2017

Be especially cautious about computer security while at school.
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Most schools block game sites to discourage students from wasting class time. These site blockers can be especially frustrating, especially if you are in a class with a lot of down time. Apart from a few URLs manually blocked by system administrators, most web filters work by blocking sites with specific keywords. You can get around the filters by using sites that aggregate games from elsewhere on the Web.

Flash Games

To avoid exposing school computers to viruses, most school administrators block users from downloading files and installing programs. There are, however, many online games that can run in your computer's browser using Adobe Flash. Most computers are preloaded with Flash so finding a free flash game to play may be as simple as searching for "free Flash games" on your favorite search engine.

Content Aggregators

Since sifting through the mountains of content on the Internet could become something like a full time job, there are many sites that compile the best content from many sites. This works to your advantage while using the school's network because it is less likely that these sites will be manually or automatically blocked by the schools filter. and and both offer constantly updated free flash games and are unlikely to be blocked by your school's filter.


Many publications such as newspapers and magazines host games on their sites. These sites are unlikely to be blocked by even the most extreme filters because they also host content that could be used for school work. For example, the "Guardian" newspaper website offers several games and "USA Today" offers a daily crossword puzzle that can help pass the time.


Always be sure to exercise your best judgment when playing games on the school's Internet. Remember to consider whether the school's faculty will consider the content of the games you choose to be appropriate. Just because a site doesn't happen to be blocked by a filter does not mean that everything hosted there will be acceptable.