The AFS File Is Not Found in PES6

By Nick Grimes

Updated September 22, 2017

Play soccer on your computer in PES6.
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Sometimes, when launching the PSP version of the football simulation "Pro Evolution Soccer 6" (also known as "PES6"), the game displays the error message "The AFS File is Not Found." This error will prevent the game from loading until rectified. Fortunately, it's an easy matter to fix.

What Are AFS Files?

Different games and programs use different file-containment systems to keep the game files in order so they can be accessed by the program while preventing user tampering. The "Pro Evolution Soccer" series uses AFS (Andrew File System) files, which, if unpacked, contain data such as the game's video and audio files. The PSP has no problem reading these files, but they are intended to be impermeable to users exploring the console's file system so as to prevent tampering or file duplication.

Software-Based AFS Errors

An AFS file error can occur if the PSP or copy of "Pro Evolution 6" that the user is attempting to run has been tampered with, or if the game or console are faulty. If you are playing a backup copy of "Pro Evolution Soccer 6," use your original game to eliminate the AFS error. If your PSP has been modified to accept amateur-developed software, make sure you are running the latest version of your chosen operating software. Consult the software's developer if AFS errors persist, as amateur-developed software can be prone to compatibility errors not present in the PSP's native operating system.

Hardware-Based AFS Errors

The other way AFS errors can occur is if the PSP or "Pro Evolution Soccer" game cartridge have been damaged. The best way to test your game and system is to first try other game cartridges in the PSP, then try your "Pro Evolution Soccer 6" game in another system. If all other games work in the system, contact the store where your "Pro Evolution 6" game was purchased, as the game may be defective. If the game works in other PSP systems, contact Sony, as the console may require repairing or replacing.

Emulation Issues

AFS errors can also occur in "Pro Evolution Soccer 6" when playing the game on an emulator, a program for computers that simulates the PSP's operating hardware. Re-install the software you are using to run "Pro Evolution Soccer 6" to eliminate AFS errors. The most common emulation-related AFS issues pertain to pirated or "cracked" game versions that have been altered to provide cheats or extra features. Use of such software is illegal: only games for which you own the original game cartridge should be played in emulators.