How to Add Karaoke Text to a Video

By Nicki Callahan

Updated September 22, 2017

If you are hosting a party or event and would like to have Karaoke available, then learn how to make your own Karaoke videos. Using videos and pictures that you may already have, you can simply add lyrics to complete the Karaoke experience. This simple process will personalize your Karaoke and will save you some money.

Determine what movie-editing software you have on your computer. Computers that come with Windows software will have Windows Movie Maker and Apple Computers will have iMovie. Both of these programs can be used to create a Karaoke video.

Open the movie-editing program and import the video of choice into the program. The option to import videos can be selected under the “File” bar at the top of the screen. Choose the video or videos that you would like to use and allow them time to fully import into the program.

Select the option to create a new project. Simply click and drag the video thumbnail into the new project’s timeline or project board. The video thumbnail should stay within the project timeline, and the length of the video should appear on the timeline.

Select the “Titles and Credits” option from the tool bar when using Windows Movie Maker, or the “Titles” icon when using an Apple computer. Both programs will give you a number of title display and font options. Choose a title design then click and drag onto the video thumbnail in your project timeline.

Edit the title slide by typing the song lyrics into the text box. You may want to add several different title screens in a series so that you can view four to six song lines on a page, and then transition to a new title page and a new set of lyrics. Each title page will appear over the video you have chosen, simply changing lyrics at the appropriate time. You will also be given the option to adjust the duration of each slide, allowing proper alignment with the timing of the music and video.

Save your project once it is completed. You can either play the video on your computer or burn it to a DVD to play on a big screen.