How to Use Swap Magic on a Slim PS2

By Jason Candanedo

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Swap Magic 3 kit

  • PS2 game disc

The PS2 slim (PlayStation 2) console from Sony lets you play games from the PAL or NTSC format regions, depending on the type of console you have. For example, North American PS2 slim consoles are of the NTSC format region, and PS2 slim consoles from other countries utilize the PAL format. You can use the Swap Magic 3 kit to play game discs from either format utilizing the time swap method, no matter what region your console is from.

Find out what format your PS2 slim console uses. Do this by turning the system over and looking by the service tag.

Purchase the Swap Magic 3 kit appropriate for your console.

Turn on the PS2 slim console, and open the disc tray.

Insert the "Swap Magic 3" disc into the PS2 disc tray, and close it.

Allow the "Swap Magic 3" disc to load up in the PS2 slim console.

Select the "Load Program" option in the main menu.

Eject the "Swap Magic 3" disc from the console after the program has loaded.

Insert the game disc that you want to play into the disc tray, and close the tray.

Allow the PS2 slim console to load the game up. Now you can play the game normally.